Weight Vest for Osteoporosis

Use NYKNYC Weight Vest as it increase bone density of Osteoporosis sufferers

Classic weighted osteoporosis vest

  • When medication do not work ..........


                         Our NYK Weighted Vest Osteoporosisturns your simple walk into a bone and muscle strengthening workout

       Medical studies have shown that for women to keep bone and muscle strong, weight bearing activity is a must.  Walking wearing the NYK weighted Osteoporosis Vest is the easiest, most pleasant weight bearing exercise and the easiest way to increase the quality of your bones. Wearing NYK vest is a must to keep healthy bones.


    For more vigorous exercise we designed



         Numerous medical studies have also confirmed that 50% of women over the age 40 begin to lose bone mass possibly leading to osteoporosis. 

    When you add weight bearing exercise to your walk you are getting not only bone strengthening benefit but also you are getting body toning, stronger muscles, increased endurance, stronger heart, lower blood pressure, and it’s a pleasant way to get all these benefits!
        This vest is sleek and fashionable with wafer thin weights are hidden in pockets so vest looks sleek – like clothing.
          So don’t waste your walk. Turn your simple walk into a bone strengthening workout! 


        The NYKNYC Weight Vest for Osteoporosis Vest is "weighted" with thin weights inserted in outside pockets where the wafer-thin weights are hidden and pressed comfortably against the body of the wearer. The weights are secured in pockets with Velcro strips closing. There are 2 pockets in the front and 2 pockets in back. Each pocket has 2 weights 1/2 pounds each for the total of 4 pounds. Additional weights can be ordered if desired.


    NYKNYC has also a vest for any season , such as our quilted vests for cold to cool weather weight walking, so you feel cozy and comfortable as you get strong and healthy bones and muscles which can in time reverse osteoporosis and build up bone density

    To keep you warm, the vest is made of Quilted nylon fabris with moderate padding.



    The fabulous price for all our vests is....... $89.99

                             Shipping Priority Mail.......$ 14.00






    BLACK or RED



            BLACK or BLUEL

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    Why NYKNYC Weight Vest for Osteoporosis

    • NYKNYC Weight vest for Osteoporosis  helps Osteoporosis or Osteopenia
    • NYKNYC Weight vest for Osteoporosis  can increase bone density!
    • NYKNYC Weight vest for  Osteoporosis  is recommended by osteo-therapists and doctors as the easiest way to do recommended “weight bearing exercise”
    • NYKNYC Weight vest for  Osteoporosis is recommended by more physicians for patients with osteoporosis and osteopenia because the weights are placed in the correct spot on the vest for optimum results and perfect comfort, balance, core strength and body toning .
    • NYKNYC Weight vest for Osteoporosis so sleek looking , it never interferes with your activities
    • NYKNYC Weight vest for Osteoporosis  can be worn under a sweater, over sweater or Tshirt, with a jacket as a regular vest etc.
    • NYKNYC Weight vest for Osteoporosis Vest does not look like a medical device ( though it actually is)
    • NYKNYC Weight vest for Osteoporosis gives you an advantage of increasing the level of “weight bearing exercise” by slowly adding weights to the vest, and by  wearing your vest for longer period of time progressively.

      information cal

      Weight-bearing Exercise with a Weight Vest

      Builds Bone

      It has been well proven over the last twenty years that weight-training ads strength to the muscles and density to the bones.

      Dr Christine Snow, who was the Director of the Bone Research Laboratory at Oregon State Univ., together with other women started a grassroots exercise program for Osteoporosis Risk Reduction. They spread the program all over Oregon as an adult education course.

      "These kinds of results from an exercise routine haven't been achieved before and they contradict what the medical community has been saying for years". Dr. Snow said. "One important aspect of the study is its longevity. When we checked these women after nine months, the results for bone mass weren't significant. After five years, though, the improvement was significant," Another study was written up in the Biological Research for Nursing newsletter in 2003. Eighteen women over 60 were randomly assigned to an exercise group wearing a weight vest and doing strength training for one hour three times a week, or to a control group that did nothing. The weight vest group had significant changes in bone density and in weight loss in 32 weeks. http://brn.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/4/3/171

      How to Use a Weight Vest

      By wearing a weight vest during your walking time or your most active time of the day you are getting the benefits of weight training without most of the effort. The weights should be as high on the body as possible to give the most benefit to the bones. Weights on the ankles and wrists do nothing to help your core bones and can harm the fragile bones in those areas.

      You start out with only 4 lbs of weight and work up gradually . This vest is good for the average women who are typically most at risk of osteoporosis but it is also good for overweight women to accelerate weight loss and change fat into muscle.

      There is really no negative to this kind of weight-bearing exercise. You wear the vest around the house for an hour every day until you get stronger. By then you will feel friskier and want to take a walk or do some rebounding on a mini-trampoline. Add weights according to your own tolerance and take a few days off every month to give your body a rest.

      Robert Klapper, MD, clinical chief of orthopedic surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, said that "walking is an exercise to the joint and what would maximize the benefits of walking is including a little bit of extra weight". Additional benefits to walking aside from losing weight and strengthening the heart - walking with weights is good for your bones. Walking wearing weighted vest is a holistic, low-impact solution that will  keep calcium in your bones



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